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In the Arms of a stranger

A young Christian woman finds herself fixed between a choice to please the world or the word. Wrong choices open doors to  life of confusion, pain and finally a discovery of a God that offers second chances his debut memoir puts a spiritual perspective on the battle for the soul: bad and Good, Evil and right

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“ This is clearly what God can do with a life that is shattered, broken & abused……… ”

Rev Mary Achero


“ Absolutely a Fantastic, Fantastic Book……… ”

Robert Burale

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Caroline  loves speaking out, whether with a well crafted speech, a song straight from her heart or most often with a pen in her hand. You will enjoy every minute of listening to her

The Agri-Food expert by profession has always  been thrilled by the supernatural since she was little. No wonder the story of grace from Calvary thrilled her so much, she became a believer before she became a teenager

Through a tough career path, entrepreneurship, training and coaching, Caroline enjoys most being a mom of six. Join her on a her humorous and inspirational blogs about her life as a Christian wife and mom

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.