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Author. Speaker. Councillor

My story

Caroline  loves speaking out, whether with a well crafted speech, a song straight from her heart or most often with a pen in her hand. You will enjoy every minute of listening to her

The Agri-Food expert by profession has always  been thrilled by the supernatural since she was little. No wonder the story of grace from Calvary thrilled her so much, she became a believer before she became a teenager

Through a tough career path, entrepreneurship, training and coaching, Caroline enjoys most being a mom of six. Join her on a her humorous and inspirational blogs about her life as a Christian wife and mom

In the Arms of a stranger

A young Christian woman finds herself fixed between a choice to please the world or the word. Wrong choices open doors to  life of confusion, pain and finally a discovery of a God that offers second chances his debut memoir puts a spiritual perspective on the battle for the soul: bad and Good, Evil and right

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" This is what God can do with a life that is shattered, broken & abused..

REV. Mary Achero

" Absolutely fantastic "

Robert Burale

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When asked why many who were #sick left her service unhealed, she would just shake her head and say, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

In fact, she once said that the very first question she wanted to ask #jesus when she got to #heaven was, “Why were some not healed?”

The #theologians had answers. Hundreds of them. But the theologians never saw miracles. #kathrynkuhlman who was one of the greatest instruments of the #miracle power of the #holyspirit since the days of the #apostles , had no #answer s.

“I have no #healing virtue,” she said over and over. “I cannot #heal a single person. All I do is #preach #faith . #god does the healing. Whom He heals and whom He chooses not to heal is His business.

I am but His handmaiden.”
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When I was in form 2, I was thrown out of the school choir reducing my chances of participating in music festivals to zero. The teacher physically pushed me out of the first line, second position that I loved holding (due to being fairly taller than my agemates) He said lots of things that should not be told to a 14 year old. I was hurt, I felt so low, what had gotten into me to give me so much confidence that I was good enough for a school choir?, or any other choir at that?. I carried with me a bruised ego for the whole time I was in that school, Luckily not for too long. Because my parents got me transfered to another high School...and men did I prosper there. Both academically and most importantly in music. I talked to 6 of my best friends and we formed a singing group that became quite famous in our times Caroline Mwongera is witness. Later in Campus I was to serve the Lord in the CU exec committe as a choir director.
After it all I was to sit and ask myself, Since it was clear I can actually sing, sometimes even hit a few high notes😊 what did I do that caused a teacher to put me down the way he did, what was his inspiration? Then I realised it wasnt Mr. Music teacher, it was the dream killer, our arch enemy the devil. He was using the teacher, and at the right time. To make sure I stopped believing in myself, musically and any other way.
Have you just graduated and you have been turned away from numerous interviews, has a girl said no with reasons that made you feel you are not worth it? Did your husband leave you and you cant get beyond the destroying words of hurt he daily threw at you, have you tried 20 businesses and none has succeeded and now you are a laughing stock of your family? Are they words a care giver said to you when you were 6 years that you still believe in.
Its time to get up and tell yourself 'I am who God says I am' Find in the scriptures what God says you are. You were meant for greatness and dont let the devil trick you into believing anything else. Have a positive evening
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#strength is walking down the street of #life knowing that there are people that are #mocking you at the back, looking for the smallest opportunity to put you #down .......

Yet, walking tall with #confidence , you take every stride declaring #itiswell

And then love them right back!!!!

Followed by a declaration of confidence because above the naysayers are a those God sent, big hearted loved ones that will walk with you, love you, and get the even closer to you despite.

This last must ALWAYS keep close to you, they are your #divine #connections
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I Write.

I Speak.

I Sing.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.