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In The Arms
Of A Stranger

The Book “In the Arms of a stranger” was inspired by my own life. I went through a very difficult phase of life where everything that could have gone wrong seemed to go wrong. After fighting depression and almost going insane.

I was able to experience Gods grace in my life and I can now mentor others that are still stuck “In the Arms of the stranger (The Devil)”

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Caroline Nkirote Bongo is a multi-talented career woman who has proven to be a force to reckon with in numerous fields. She’s not only a gifted musician with four hit albums under her belt, but also a prolific author with four published books to her name. Beyond her thriving career, Caroline is an accomplished blogger and vlogger, offering invaluable insights and inspiration to her followers. Despite her busy schedule, she’s also a devoted mother to seven daughters, a testament to her unwavering dedication to her family and her craft.


Caroline has three complete albums and currently working on her forth album.

The story of

Caroline Bongo

In the arms of a stranger is a book made up of memoirs of a young girl’s experiences from childhood to young adulthood.

Caroline loved and still loves scripting her circumstances since she was a young child, Updating her Diary through her life found her doing the same through very difficult years. At the sunrise from the darkness that engulfed her after a period that looked purposeless, dark, painful, confused:

She has compiled these memoirs from her dairy as a story, All true to inspire anyone else that’s going through a difficult period

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I am business woman and also a creative , an Author, Musician, Blogger, Vlogger, Run a Podcast, A prayer warrior, mom to seven beautiful gals and finally a Wife

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