About Me

My Vision

I want to see the will of Christ accomplished in the life of every Woman. But I also have faith that I can reduce the number of babies that meet their grave before seeing the light of day by choice. This is because I believe God writes a childs destiny before conception. What matters is not how we arrive here, but how we end

My Passion

I am passionate about God, and His place in the life of a woman. And not just any woman, Its the queen that has been bitten by life, till she lost all value in who she was, broken in more ways that cares to imagine, horribly bruised by circumstances beyond her own control and burnt by the consequences of the mistakes she has done life.

My Story

It was never always this way!
If you had asked me 20 years ago if I could write, the answer would have been a resounding NO! This is despite the fact that I have been writing since I could hold a pen. I am pretty sure if you visited my parents house today you would still find hundreds of scribbled notes and mini stories of just about anything. 
I must have told you somewhere that I was a dreamer (Its important you get to understand this aspect of me, most people have a problem thinking out of the box, I have a problem of thinking in the box!) If building castles in the air was a career path, I could be a child billionaire! For some reason I find it easier to dream with a pen. As a kid when I was sad, I wrote. When I was excited, I wrote. When a song came to my heart, I wrote. Nevertheless I never counted myself a writer-Which today I find funny. 

How was it then? 

Music was my first love. As a child alI I dreamt was becoming a superstar. Now, let me put you in context here. When I grew up the television technology was still docking at the Indian ocean from the west. It took 10 years to get to Mt. Kenya where I was born (True story)

My musical inspiration therefore was limited by what I got from our one channel National radio station and what we sang in church and School. I knew I was going to be a great Musician, I was gonna rock the world with Gospel music. by the time I was 18 I had composed scores of songs, and contacted the best recording stations in Kenya and was ready to go.

I sang through high school, and I sang through campus, I sang in choirs, and I formed successful music groups. It was at this point as well where my leadership skills manifested. And I loved every bit of it. My relationship with God grew daily, I was thriving in all aspects of my life

Then I fell!


My Family

Then what happened?

After Campus I was completely conflicted on following my passion Vs Following my career. In all this confusion I Followed my career and completely switched myself off my creative side. I did well for myself though in my career. I had to, you see not only did I lose my passion for Music, I lost my passion for God. 

I had to try and forget my childhood dreams, and I could do this by working extremely hard. I was excited with the responsibilities and financial freedom that came with the constant promotions, But I was terribly dry inside. I hated my life and the only thing that kept me sane was my daughters that I had borne out of wedlock.

I gave up ministry, I gave up Music, as I graduated in my career path, I also graduated into deviant behavior. Its what happens when you deviate from your divine path. I regretted every single mistake I made in life, little did I know that God never wastes any experience.

Slowly the ugly caterpillar froze into a pupae, This was a time when almost nothing happened and finally into a beautiful butterfly. I learnt to pray myself back into my original destiny path. Initially I didn’t know what I was doing, but as I look back years later I can attest my healing 100% as a result of prayer
I started opening up my story to hurting women that I individually met, not only did it bring healing in their lives, it brought restoration to mine

Two years into my marriage my husband took interest in all the memoirs I had written about various chapters of my life. He already knew my whole life story even the very ugly bits from our first date!He proposed that I should consider combining the memoirs and make them into a book. It sounded like a ridiculous idea then, but over time I warmed up to the idea. I didn’t even think anyone would want to read what I had to write, yet the response over my first book “In the arms of a stranger” was extremely overwhelming.

How is it now?

Because of the book I started being invited into conferences, Church Women meetings, and that means we also got the attention of the media houses. At the same time I enjoyed sharing my stories with my social media followers, I didn’t even know that’s what they call blogging. blame the villager in me! 

I thank God that during my desert years God used my career to develop me as a public speaker. And I found myself speaking and writing with so much ease

Today apart from leading Soul garage an online ministry where we share our authentic lives with each other, I have had the privilege of mentoring scores of women, and the joy of seeing all that come to us with crises pregnancy get supported till delivery in all manner of words.

And that’s the same offer I am extending to you. I know just like you that unfortunately the woman is most impacted by the consequences of sex. I want you to know that you do not have to make any other mistake to sort the ones you have already made, You do not have to become who the society has labelled you to be, You do not have to be the black sheep in your family no more!

I will hold your hand, I will teach you all I have learnt through this Journey. Its possible to attain and maintain sexual purity, Its possible to retain an impossible marriage and more so with a happy ending, Its possible to find a Godly husband despite what everyone says. You just have to learn the “Spiritual Life skills” to connect you from your confused lost path to the one that guides you to your divine destiny.