The girl Blessing! 

This is where it all started…….
There are times you look at your flower garden and a friend comes in and decides to add in one more flower, you are not sure how it fits in yet you still allow him to because you trust his designer and artistic Judgements. As he digs in new dirt and moves stuff to fit in this new addition your garden looks messy and you wish he never interfered with the original status as it was.
But in a few short weeks or months the flower fits in so perfectly you even wonder why you allowed any inkling of doubt in your mind.
This is the same feeling that occurred to me this morning when I looked at the photo of my 4th, 5th, and 6th daughters adoring look at their new sister and our family’s newest addition.
 ……..Last week we had loads of fun going through  my 9 months Journey that brought us to this precious moment. If this is the first time you are reading my blog, Welcome. I am Christian working full time mom of 7 and this is my story!
I shared this story of God not to show how strong I am, or even how tough, But rather how great God is.
It would therefore be a mistake if I fail share the revelation God gave me during the same Period about who a girl is to Him, what this gender means to the almighty.
As usual I am able to best express myself in stories and that’s exactly what I will do. Hope you keep following!
By the end of this narrative I hope I can get every woman to understand what value she has in Christ, and even more importantly: every single daughter that she brings on earth. 
I must let you know in advance I will not be taking the feminisms way, Its not about gender equality, or  self love: Nope. Its bigger and better than that.

I hope I can get every woman in my circle of influence to see themselves as God sees her, not as culture, traditional or even religion sees her.

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We will be meeting live this weekend together with my first Born Daughter Kaylene to as we discuss this most important topic. 

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