Beautified 7th Time : Part 5


If you are a mother and you have never gone to bed with no idea of  what your kids will have  for breakfast, count yourself lucky! During the Lockdown I did!

I could have easily called on  family or friends and they would have been more than happy to help, But I was done! I knew George was doing everything to put food on the table and nagging him wouldn’t milk any swiss rolls off him. So in the lack of what else to do and choosing to pray over worry, I went to bed, Kneeling on my bedside, ignoring the building nausea (My nature is that I usually have morning sickness at night) I  prayed….

“Heavenly father “I started. My hands tightly clasped together, all my 10 fingers tightly intertwined as a reflex of the anguish I felt inside of me. “”In our kitchen right now we lack what we need “Its is so bad Lord we don’t even have a pinch of salt to flavor our tough lives. I have no idea what the kids will have for breakfast. I bet even I will be pretty hungry by morning. I have no idea what to do. Please come through for my husband tonight and help him to find a solution for us, not just for tomorrow morning, But permanently”

After a time of prayer as I was planning to enter into my bed, I felt impressed to do something weird

“Go  to the kitchen and lay hands on every storage space that should be having food” 

“What if the kids or the nanny sees me?” Wouldn’t they think that stress was getting me bonkers?

I decided to obey for ‘obedience is better than sacrifice’.

I stealthily walked into the kitchen carefully checking who else was still awake.

I first visited the fridge. I did not exactly know what to pray so I just spoke in tongues and waited for the holy spirit to give me guidance. With sudden confidence I started speaking to that cold metal Box!

I was now hoping there was no one really seeing or hearing me!

I commanded the fridge to fill with fruits and vegetables of all types, I mentioned the types of meats and in the volumes I wanted in each shelf, I started getting extravagant, “Let there be yoghurt and Fresh Juice for the kids. 

I figured out that I also needed healthy drinks due to pregnancy and I added these too. The fridge was now overflowing by faith!

Once I was satisfied with the contents of the fridge I went to the cereal containers, I filled each one of them with all the cereals we needed, I filled in the milk cans with fresh and Ikivuguto.

I packed cartons of UHT milk for storage, I went to all the kitchen cabinets, My kitchen was filling up with all kinds of food.

By now I didn’t care if my neighbors were watching, I was excited. My faith was building up and I knew the Lord would come through for us by morning.

I had so much sleep that night I slept like a baby.

But the next morning I woke up to reality! I had overslept and the Nanny had woken up before me to nothing. The kids were ready for their classes and there was no breakfast. I sat down on my bed dejected. I didn’t know to tell her that I had no money to buy even milk for the baby!

I wished the borders were open to release her to go back home: It was easier explaining to my kids rather than an outsider. Thankfully she was very understanding

Eventually I realized I would have to communicate the bad news!

But before doing so, I decided to call George who had spent the night at the guest house.

“Did you succeed?” I asked, Knowing by now he would be twice as stressed as I am

“Yes I did” He said “I thought you had seen my messages”

He went on “I had SMSed you to prepare yourself.  I have already made a request for permit (In the lockdown we had to get permit to access essential services)

I smiled, I smiled really hard. I asked him to send money for breakfast to the Nanny.

But you know what, that wasn’t even the miracle. This is what stunned me!

Now remember my husband wasn’t even there when I was praying. But this is what conspired that morning.

Apparently there was someone that had proposed a deal to buy off our supermarket equipment months before (We used to have a small supermarket in Kigali that had closed more than a year before)

With Covid and heavy business closure no one could afford buying anything capital, so we thought they had dropped off the deal.

But that last night the guys had called, agreed on a purchase deal and paid off more than 50% of the deposit 1st thing that morning via instant transfer.

The first thing my husband said when he picked me was

” I want us to stock food that should last at least two months!”

and then he added

“I want you to make a budget on how much milk you need per month and I will pay the milk shop, the butchery and all other regular supplies ahead so that we never have to run out of food during the lockdown!”

From that period onwards we never lacked.

That day we bought everything in bulk. We bought so much food that we had to make two trips  to the market yet our car is pretty spacious!

That evening 12 hours after I had filled my kitchen by faith, It manifested in reality, and with more abundance than I could even imagine in my extravagance!

It was the one time that reminded me that if I was keen to listen and obey instructions that looked pretty foolish to man, then I could move heavens to come to my attention.

Myplace-Kibagabaga  started filling up!

While every hotel was collapsing we got foreigners that were locked-in, these stayed in till August when the borders were opened.

The interesting this is that I had seen this in a dream the same day the lockdown was announced

I knew we had gone through the thickest part, and I also knew we would face new challenges, but my confidence  was that ” He who began a good work in us, was faithful to complete it’ 

It wasn’t going to be easy, but it would be possible because……



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  1. This one has strengthened my faith – which is the substance (something tangible, has mass/volume) of things not yet seen but received.
    Reminds me of God saying, ‘ You do not receive because you asketh not”

    God bless.

  2. Nsanzumukiza Jean Damascene

    Ooohhh…when I read your posts I further know who you are. It may be possible that one can spend with a person whithout knowing him/her well. Your lessons are always inspiring. Keep posting so we learn more from you.

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