Beautified 7th Time : Part 2


“Seven is the Number of God” I unconsciously wrote for probably the 7th time.

It’s in my nature to write at all times, I write mental notes, I write verbal notes, I think and talk with my fingers, I write in waiting rooms, I write in restrooms, I wrote when I was a kid,…I wrote on my note pad that day on way enroute Kigali

I am travelling from Nairobi to Kigali Via Modern coast, this means I will be on this Bus for 24 straight hours, maybe even more. I am not one of the most patient humans on earth, long trips do test the little patience I have.  It’s the 23rd of February 2020. I can’t access internet because we have crossed over to the Uganda side. I am literally convinced I will be the first earthling recorded to have died of boredom!

“Sisters lets pray for China” I am on the Soul garage WhatsApp page now. I have remembered that I have not been able to go through all the threads the last few days  because I have spent the last two weeks in between two studios. To show for my hard work are 2 draft live recordings and 2 full recordings. They are in English and my mother tongue. I am an AMERUcan by the way 🙂

There is a thread of videos of Chinese humans falling like pencils over some pandemic that has hit them. Apparently this disease is contaminable and when it ‘touches’ you, you just drop dead wherever you are. People were falling on streets, Banks, Schools, Social halls…everywhere I guess even in toilets. Bodies are being poured in mass graves due to the number of the dead.  I don’t watch the whole video, Its frightening

I promise to put China in my prayer list when I get home, I whisper a quick one as our bus rolls down towards Mbarara, I know I have 6 more hours to the border in the least. I am not much bothered about personal safety, for China is a long way from here. I thank God for Norah, She is always the one that’s calling for global intercession.

Little do I know!

  • That if I hadn’t travelled in just a few days, I would have been locked out of living with my family for almost a whole year. 
  • That I will not see my daughter who I just dropped in School till almost Christmas.

Covid 19 is about to hit the world worse than Hiroshima bomb! 

Right in the bus that night I feel a bit sickly, I attribute it to a message I have received from a family member while on the road that hurt me to the core. You see bodies have a way of translating mental messages differently. But in an hours’ time I know it’s not sadness that’s growing inside me, maybe just maybe something else is glowing inside of me!

Let me take you back two weeks ago. Remember the Vision I had with Jesus? I woke up to acceptance and then when life’s reality hit, I pushed it at the back of my mind. maybe it was just a dream, or maybe it was meant for a future date. I love kids, and maybe our next would come when we were a bit more stable. I forgot that the Master had said “I am about to…

On the 9th February 2020, the morning of the vision,  I travelled to Kenya for an all weekend prayer and fasting meeting with Soul garage. I carried my pills with me! That night on the road I was exhausted and slept most of the way. I only remembered the next day that I didn’t take a pill. I would take a double that night. Modern coast  arrived in Nairobi at 4.30pm 10th February 2020, for the record this was excellent. I then decided to take a Matatu (Public transport) to pick my daughter from school. The trip coincided with her midterm.  I couldn’t carry all my luggage all the way, So I dropped it at a storage shop in town, I would pick it on my way back.

The amount of traffic that day was unbelievable. Rongai is crazy but that day even the Monkeys from the national park seemed surprised!

We only got back to Town by 9.00pm, the storage shop was closed way earlier than that. Melody and I went on to Pastor Faiths in Thika road where we we locked in for prayer. I bought a red T-shirt and Black jeans to cover me for the weekend. I would only get my bag the next Monday, by then I will have missed 5 days of taking my pills in between a 2 day fast!

The words keep coming to my head

“7 is the number of God” 

  • A rainbow has 7 colors
  •  A week has 7 days
  • God rested on the 7th Day
  • Noah had a set of 7 clean animals
  • The World is made up of 7 continents

I was having so much fun trying to discover why number 7 was so special that it took me  2  weeks to  realize that I was carrying my 7th Heaven. For as sure as heaven, I have 7th child in my belly.  At that instant I recall my vision date to the detail. And it is 15 days since. This being my 7th pregnancy, I don’t even need to go for a check-up. I know my body pretty well. “We are expecting a 7thbaby George. You are going to be a daddy one more time!” I make a mental note.

October 2020, we will welcome a new member in our family. I am excited and frightened at the same time!

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