Beautified 7th Time : Part 3


I took a week before telling anyone the news. I thought I would completely keep it to myself at the beginning, I didn’t want to stress anyone and least of all my husband. But I am not really good at keeping secrets, especially own, So I tore the non disclosure clause. 

That Saturday as we were getting back home, instead of jumping out the passengers seat after Mr. stopped the car, I remained right there, uncertain, laboring in breathe and said;

“I need to tell you something” he halted leaving himself

 ” I had a vision” 

He seemed a bit relieved, there was no reality, just a dream!

He distantly looked out of his side of the car window, my dreams can be quite long, he braced himself for a probably boring narration. Women can never really get to the point you know!

“Aha” He said prodding me on

“I saw myself standing on a screen with Jesus…..” I started


I went on and on breaking down the vision in detail and once done he smiled 

“I don’t mind having another cute or handsome little one in the future; you have to agree we make cute babies don’t we?” He smiled cheekily.

“The future is now” I said, looking at him straight in the face, I didn’t know if I should also be smiling or looking serious

“We are pregnant!”  He looked at his stomach then looked back at me! that tickled me, He actually did look like he was pregnant. Am serious, I tried a serious look as I could 

“I discovered the day I was travelling from Kenya”

This dude is a gentleman! If he was shocked, he never showed it. The sky could be collapsing and my husband is ever controlled. I remember him being super controlled during the 2007 post election violence: We were caught in between thugs with rocks, and Kenyan cops on the other side. 

I remember him being super controlled when each of the kids were born, He recieved our 5th himself when the doctors and midwives arrived in the maternity room slower than the baby. I remember him Being super controlled when our third had an accident and we faced 2nd and 3rd degree tea burns on a 7 month old!

He then looked at me with utmost confidence and said,

“God will provide for this baby. She or He will never lack” 

I honestly hoped it would be a He. For my husband I mean, it must be lonely being one man in a feminist society. I didn’t say anything though; I didn’t want to give him any hopes, I wasn’t God

That same day the schools in Kenya were closed, BIS called me up to go pick Melody. 2 days later all the land borders were closed. Everything was to change suddenly. Rwanda was the first country to lock down in Africa.  

Although we had a 2 day leeway to airport lockdown and Melody could easily travel, my brother who is a frequent traveler felt that it was a bad idea for a teenager to travel by themselves in the midst of all the quarantines and testing’s. He graciously offered to stay with her till borders opened. We assumed it would be a few days maybe weeks, Little did we know!

After arriving in Rwanda, we had just moved into an amazing new house 2 weeks before. But with Covid 19 cases already reporting in some countries in Africa I felt we were going to face hard times, so I convinced my husband we move back again to one of his guesthouses that he had already paid for instead of incurring further bills. So in exactly one month, we were moving a 3rd time. It was hectic and I was nauseous

One day after the 3rd move,  total lockdown was announced, we could not even visit our neighbors, shops were going to be closed as well. We had zero food at home, and zero money. The horror story of our lives had started.

The government banned departing and arriving commercial passenger flights, There was a temporary shutdown of schools, universities, and churches. Soon it would be permanent, we just didn’t know yet. All borders were closed except for goods, cargo, returning Rwandan citizens and legal residents, still one had to be quarantined for 14 days. Most employees both public and private started working from home.

Soon we heard a 1st Covid case. Were were not allowed to use cash money, The markets were closed and my heart broke for food Vendors. Farmers crops started rotting in the farms, transporters had their trucks packed, Agrochemical shops closed, products expiring behind shelves, small businesses closed, Hotels closed unless for deliveries, hardware’s, clothing shops were permanently closed.

On our side: “MyPlace”, my husbands guest house business lost 100% of income. All the guests cancelled, no one was travelling anymore and not for a long time. We were on our knees.

We would easily find ourselves eating grass unless God himself came through!

Our consultancy company had two major confirmed training contracts. They were both cancelled.  He had even acquired a loan of 3000Usd to invest into business, and had spent all of it in the bussiness a week before. In a million years we could never have imagined Covid would ever reach Africa. It was clear unless God helped us we were done. We now had zero source of income. We were 1000miles away from home and we had bills to pay and mouths to feed.

And we was pregnant!

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