Beautified 7th Time : Part 6

Only one way up

One of the advantages of being a large family is the leisure of Mass attendance in Movie nights! ours’s usually a whole event.

The kids stage manage the lighting, pillow props, blankets, snacks and drinks in order to have a full theatre experience in a simple living room. Sometimes we have done this while watching on a desktop Mac!

We are love story telling and that tells you we love good stories as well. One of the cartoons we have watched and re watched is the animated family musical ‘Sing’

The kids know every song off head

Rosita and Gunta are everyone’s favorite: Most likely because Rosita is a mom of  a biiig family and she loves to sing!

The first time we watched it everyone, adults, teens, children, toddlers (that’s how many we were!) could be heard sniffing as the main character Buster Moon, the Koala sinks into depression after losing everything.

The poor Koala had big dreams and suddenly without notice, he had nothing to show for it.

After sulking for days, sleeping non stop and eating himself silly…He got the inspiration to start again from the bottom. With such vigor of strength: one day he rose up and said to his friend Eddie;

“‘You know the thing about hitting Rock bottom, There’s only one way left to go and that’s Up!

And how right he was, when life strips you of everything, you can choose to remain where you are obsessed with lost dreams, or you can rise up again and start from scratch, you will have the advantage of starting with lots of experience.

We have a saying in our culture that “Mtoto Akililia wembe mpe” That’s because when you give a sharp razor to a child, once they cut themselves,  they will never touch it again. If you get burnt, the natural reflex is never to touch fire again: You wanna be safe.

Unfortunately this applies in every aspect of of our lives. The Journey of  Faith is a risk taking one and in taking it, we are likely to burn a few times before we master the art of trusting the father.

Once we have trusted God for something and it backfires on us, Once we have put our moneys on a business and it fails, the natural instinct is to avoid repeating the same thing: Who wants to burn twice and even worse thrice? 

It means we quickly recoil from taking another risk ever! or avoid trusting God for stuff that looks too big. 

If we want to win in this life we cannot dwell on our bad experiences because all they do is build fear inside of us.

We may never achieve our divine destiny and thus we will die not having achieved the same purpose of which we were put on this earth for.

No wonder Jesus said that we should be like little Children: Why?

Because a little kid learning to walk falls down many times, but that never stops him/her from rising again tomorrow to try one more small step, and before they know it: We re telling them “Please stop running”

I asked God for a new heart,  the heart of a child.

I needed a trusting heart because He was asking me to start again, from nothing. He equated what he wanted me to be like taking the position of a cook or housemaid. He promised to lift me up from there.

I said Yes with anticipation even though I didn’t know exactly where and what I was supposed to do: So I waited prayerfully

We may have been fine on provision but we had debt up to our necks and my husband was finding it hard to keep afloat.

I was worried that if I didn’t find another source of income to support him, myplace would be another statistic in our lives. So when a position came up in Nairobi I took it up:

I was almost 7 months pregnant and anyone would have thought me crazy taking up a Job offer at that stage. But I did, and I survived it: In fact I thrived because it was all scripted from heaven and what is scripted in heaven comes with extreme favor.



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