Beautified 7th time: Season finale

“That’s Rhema” Kaylene said suddenly in the middle of a deep discussion

“Yes “I answered her not aware we were not in the same wavelength.

“Rhema means utterance, its the word of God in the present” I continued. All this time I am thinking I thought she was detailing her  understanding of what the Rhema word of God meant.

We had been talking over a devotional period and I happened to mention the Rhema word and how it is important that a Christian gets what God is saying over their lives in the moment rather than just what’s in the scriptures or what others are saying

“No, the name we have been praying for is Rhema” She repeated She had a level of excitement I hadn’t seen for a while

What name?” I asked now pretty confused

”’The baby’s name” She replied.

That’s the day we sealed ! The baby would be named Rhema, whether it would be a boy or a girl: for the Lord spoke her life into my womb

So allow me to officially introduce Baby Neilah Rhema Wema Bongo She is like the cutest little thing in the whole wide world! But again that’s what all mothers say. (Wema came from Lyra, she couldn’t pronounce Rhema! We all liked it and we automatically adopted it!)

Every single child the Lord has given me looks so cute I wanna cry. Sometimes I actually cry. Rhema is no exception, who cut all these onions this time?

My most favorite thing to do with Rhema is squishing my nose onto her chubby cheeks and imagining she also enjoys that, but the cooing I get is probably complaining for disturbance, I am most certainly encroaching onto her personal space.

My second favorite thing is having her lie on my chest so that I can smell the color of her black soft hair!

Any mother (Any normal mother) will tell you that the joy of holding a baby deletes the months of nausea, the scores of sleepless nights, the posture of fatigue, the shock of looking and behaving like an overfed hippopotamus! It even beats the acute final pain of bringing her into planet earth.

Honestly: I could do it over and over and over again at the risk of being branded crazy

You see I am past the stages of identity crises, I went through with that with my last 3 kids. The ones born past the allowed standard number of Woman beings!

I so badly wanted to fit in a society that has decided gifts are curses. A society that has decided that “Children are not a gift from God, Offspring’s are not a reward from God: Cursed is the man whose quiver is full of them! NOT in psalms 127:3-5

I will tell you another day how it took me 6 months just to attend my first clinic, and when I did it was because I had gastric pains.

I will skip the horror story of how a certified Doctor prescribed abortion pills to get rid of my baby in the name of treatment: To Him I was too old and had too many children to bring yet another on earth.

Maybe he was afraid we were depriving the environment of its resources, or maybe I didn’t know what causes babies!

I won’t go into the details for now of how a twenty something year old antenatal attendant gave me lectures on Family planning for hours until I left the clinic in tears: She was convinced I missed the classes of this very special unit in life’s campus

And I know most if not all of you want to know if we were disappointed that it was yet another girl.

Right from the beginning George and I decided we were not going to check the gender of the child. We wanted her or him to be a surprise: We wanted whatever gift God chose to give us to always know they were special and we would not reject them despite the gender.

I will end this series with Matthew 18;10

 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven”

For now allow me to rock my baby to sleep for ‘my hands are literally full’ I am typing with my left hand as she wiggles in my right!!!

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