Beautified 7th Time : Part 1


There are times you look at your flower garden and a friend comes in and decides to add in one more flower, you are not sure how it fits in yet you still allow him to because you trust his designer and artistic Judgements. As he digs in new dirt and moves stuff to fit in this new addition your garden looks messy and you wish he never interfered with the original status as it was.

But in a few short weeks or months the flower fits in so perfectly you even wonder why you allowed any inkling of doubt in your mind.

This is the same feeling that occurred to me this morning when I looked at the photo of my 4th, 5th, and 6th daughters adoring look at their new sister and our family’s newest addition.

And this is how it all started..

On the 8th of February last year at about 3.00am I had a vision. That moment looked so real I didn’t realize it was a vision until I woke up to find my husband softly snoring besides me. I said softly because this son of Adam sometimes  doesn’t snore softly,  His snore honestly can wake up mosquitos after they have already completed their nightly shift!

Here is what I saw: 

I was standing facing a screen, the screen looked like  50 ish inch TV,  it was smart. I know that because it was also a touch screen. One  could change stuff around like in a computer or a phone screen. So basically  it looked like a a computer with a TV look to a non IT person

and standing  next to me was Jesus.

Now don’t you give me that weird look of “yaani she became that holy?’ because it has nothing to do with what or who I am, the Lord would like tp appear to you this instant if you gave Him the slightest of chances. I was glad He chose that moment to visit me, for shortly He was to give me some news that would change my life.

You ask me how I knew it was Him? I will tell you I don’t  really know, I just knew it was Jesus. Apart from wearing a long robe and His countenance, I didn’t even ask myself any questions. We just stood there facing the screen and chatting like the old friends we really are.

In the screen was a picture of the process of reproduction as we have learnt in Biology. The process of fusion during conception. And He looked at me straight in the face and said

“I am about to put a baby into your womb, But I need you to be Okay with it” 

He took a moment to let that sink in

“If you are not okay with it, I will just terminate the process” He added smiling. 

I knew if I said no He wasn’t gonna judge me at all.  He had this kind and happy look that said “I wanna give you a gift, but if you don’t wanna take it, I will understand” 

There was a very thin string that connected two parts of what looked like a meiosis process in science. His finger took the position of cutting off the string to break the fusion  if my decision was a No

I thought long and hard. I thought until it felt like my ears were smoking right into the Lords face!

It was just two weeks since I had driven to Kigali with the kids and their Nanny. We had lost the two main businesses that sustained us like 4 months before. Our situation had been hard and we were at the verge of losing everything we had worked so hard to build.

Our only source of sustenance was my husband’s new Airbnb business, and it didn’t look like a good idea to bring a  child in this mess. As it is, we were surviving purely by faith, which is an amazing place to be spiritually but in reality its entirely a different story

I breathed in hard, I reasoned if God Himself was giving me this Baby, With His eyes wide open, Doesn’t it mean that I could trust him to take care of a new addition in our family?

He was taller than me, so I looked up to him and said

” It’s okay Lord, but if you are giving me another baby, please make it a boy, I already have too many girls” 

I said that by the way as a joke. But a serious Joke nevertheless. Who wouldn’t mind a son to be spoilt by 6 beautiful girls?”

He looked at me and smiled, I will never ever forget that smile as long as I live. It was a smile that said I am the Lord, and I love you in a funny way. He never gave me any answer, He never said yes or no. As we both giggled I woke up!

To a softly snoring husband!

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