Beautified 7th Time : Part 7

About 8 weeks to my EDD, Armed with Covid and Fit to travel pregnancy certification, the two of us travelled.

EDD for the clueless in life is “Expected Date of Delivery! Specifically referring to the delivery of human beings not parcels 🙂

There is a general rule with airlines that if you are living but haven’t yet seen the light of day, the latest you can travel in your mummy’s liquid incubator is six months.

After that you are supposed to stick in one place till you trigger unbearable pain that will catapult you to planet earth.

We had passed that mark a long way. But we would be travelling anyway!

I was feeling quite tired, by then I was even walking with a stoop. I was starting to feel really old. I could be celebrating my 86th the next birthday and I wouldn’t be surprised. 

In general life’s exercise consists of climbing steep hills and terraces while visiting farmers deep in the villages, Rwanda has perfected that art in the last 9 years as I tenured the thousand hills. This doesn’t change when there is a little one building inside of me!

We though did lots of illegal walking with Kaylene! 

In Rwanda during lockdown,  only one person per household was supposed to leave the house even for shopping. Armed with a mask, a Jerrycan and a certain level of speediness, we would take a number of trips to buy more milk! If someone asks, we are not related. 

It’s a good thing living in a country where the rule of law is respected, that’s what attracted us to this land in the first place. But during Covid I hated it, possibly because I had hormones for a brain!

It’s in the lockdown that George and I launched the night in the national stadium (stade) for almost a whole night, we had broken curfew by 3 minutes! 

Its during lockdown that Kaylene got bundled into a police van for lowering her mask while talking to vendor because they couldn’t hear each other, the rest of the day she spent in another stade 🙂

Our God is a God of the mountain, and He is also the God of the valley.

You would imagine that the fact that this Journey started with the Lord himself it would be a smooth run. But Nope! The Lord does not call us to walk with Him because it will be easy, But He calls us to walk with Him because we need Him to navigate the troubles that we will face in this earth: Cheerfully

Or how else can you explain being led to Join an organization that embraced me at 34 weeks of pregnancy?

How can you explain being allowed freedom to operate in your own flexibility as long as you perform,

How can you explain favor from people you have never met in ways you can not imagine.

I have no problem working without Supervision after years of operating independently as a consultant. Project goals and timelines are my backstops.

So I fitted into this role like “Chanda na Pete”It was sent from heaven!

It felt intimidating initially taking a lower position and pay having been a project lead all these years, but Hey: It was better than sitting and staring at walls.

Nonetheless the Lord had already spoken to me about my seeming ‘Demotion” and that He Himself would lift me up if I humbled myself.

I may not go into details but He has already surprised me beyond measure: and proved Himself once more that He is God.

After weeks of roaming across the country and the joy of reconnecting with the Horticultural export industry that made me in the formative years of my career, I took a week rest to work on all my documentation. 

One day to my EDD I woke up feeling excited. Kaylene had, had a dream that I would have a baby on this day. She had seen the whole scenario of what would happen. I guessed this was the day. I didn’t have any pain though.

Knowing that I have gotten labor pains at 5 inches with the other kiddos (Sorry for non moms if you cant understand) I decided to go for my regular clinic for check.

I had a meeting with my Boss at 9.00am, Had late breakfast and we chatted with the kids till 12.00pm., Kaylene and I took a taxi to a hospital we wanted to check out. 

They clueless young nurse checked me after 45 minutes of waiting and said I was already 4 inches they would admit me. Nope! there services were horrendous. We sneaked out and decided to go chill at a friends just in case the pain came. 

Right at the gate of Nairobi Women’s where I had booked I had my first labor pang!

I was admitted and put straight into the labor ward. About 20 years later, Okay about 2 hours later, in the presence of a nice and pretty but bored nurse that looked at me with eyes of “You have pushed 6 times, this can’t be a big deal” Our 7th Bundle of Joy was Born.

For the 7th time I teared up seeing how beautiful she was, and  marveled at the fact that she was all mine!

I knew I would not be closing my eyes for the next 24 hours, its my ritual after delivery. I want to ensure my baby is still there! And I knew that I would not be closing my mouth for the next 24 years, just to ensure she knows who Her God is, And I knew I would not close my heart forever: For a 7th time, heaven had graced me with a gift that I didn’t even deserve!

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