Do you feel misunderstood?

Caroline and babies

In the shadows where they stand,
Unseen by most, in a forgotten land,
Society’s judgment, harsh and cold,
But within their hearts, a story unfolds.

Misunderstood, their journey unseen,
By those who know not where they’ve been,
Yet in the darkness, a transformation brews,
From the pain and struggle, strength ensues.

God’s hand, a sculptor in the night,
Molding souls, turning wrongs to right,
Squeezing them tight in trials so deep,
To awaken the beauty they’ve yet to reap.

They too yearn for a brighter day,
For the weight to lift and fears to sway,
Hold patience in your heart, my friend,
For their healing journey has no end.

Empathy and sympathy, let us embrace,
To lift them up, in this trying space,
For beneath the pain, their hearts do yearn,
To break free and finally learn.

With love and understanding, we’ll impart,
The strength to mend a broken heart,
And as they emerge from the darkest night,
They’ll shine with newfound, radiant light.

bY: Caroline Bongo