Finding my tribe

“Father Lord, I earnestly prayed, ‘Help me find my tribe, that will help me find my voice, that will help me sing my song.’ Even as I type this today, I see the sequence of a song, I see the rhythm of the words, and I see the music in it all. Because that’s how my mind works.

Why was I making this prayer? Because I was feeling pretty lost. I had just come from a session of desperately trying to explain myself to someone who did not understand me, who I was, what I did, and why I did what I did the way I did it. We were both in the vineyard, we were both creatives, and we had so much in common, but try as I did, they could not understand me. I gave up.

Then I realized that for the one person who did not ‘get’ me, there was always another who picked the words right out of my mouth. If I developed a thought, they voiced it before I could. They have read every single blog I have written since I started over a decade ago! They have read my books, downloaded my music, and shared it with anyone who cares to listen! They will listen to my podcasts, even those that sound boring even to me!

Then it occurred to me that my tribe is out there. They are my support team, they are my backup, they are my cheerleaders. They do not care if I am rich or broke, they do not care if I am small or famous. They like everything I say, they enjoy everything I do, and they are in sync with who I am.

The mistake we make in life is to presume that we are sent for everyone. In business, we want to sell our products and services to everyone, as a minister, we want to pastor each and every one. Each one of us has the people we are called for. The issue is that, like a needle in a haystack, we will have to find our lot. It’s a very slow and tedious process, which requires one to develop a thick skin because the amount of distraction we face from opposing tribes is incredibly crazy.

The Bible in John 3:27 says, ‘A person can receive only what is given them from heaven.’ That’s why it’s important to be patient. If God has given you a mission and you are burning to get the word out there, ask Him for your tribe. Ask Him to bring the target people for which your mission lies. Our God is faithful and kind. He will do it speedily because it’s more important to Him than you to fulfill the work for which He set you at the beginning of the world.

Finding your tribe is not just about connecting with people who share your interests or beliefs; it’s about finding those who resonate with your unique voice, your individuality, and your purpose. In a world full of noise and distractions, it’s easy to feel lost, to feel like you’re speaking to an audience that doesn’t quite understand or appreciate your message. But rest assured, your tribe is out there.

The people who are meant to walk alongside you on your journey, the ones who will amplify your voice, and harmonize with your song are waiting to be found. They are the ones who will support you, inspire you, and lift you up, regardless of your circumstances or your status. Your tribe will stand by you through thick and thin, believing in your mission and your vision.

But the path to finding your tribe is not always straightforward. It’s a journey that requires patience, resilience, and unwavering faith. You may encounter many who don’t resonate with your message, and who don’t understand your vision, but that’s okay. Remember that you are not sent to everyone. Your calling, your mission, and your message are meant for a specific group of individuals.

As you embark on your quest to find your tribe, keep the words of John 3:27 close to your heart. Trust in the divine plan and timing. Ask your Father, the Lord, for guidance, and He will bring the right people into your life. He knows the importance of your mission, and He wants to see it fulfilled.

So, do not lose heart. Keep creating, keep sharing, and keep singing your song. Your tribe is out there, and when you find them, you’ll know. They will celebrate your uniqueness, your authenticity, and your purpose. They will be your unwavering support, and together, you’ll make beautiful music in the symphony of life. Your Father in heaven has already set the stage for your success, and your tribe will be there to cheer you on.”