The Sound of Melody

She is the girl whose birth was uncertain. Doctors said to me that she had 15% chances for survival, and if she was born alive she would only last a few weeks.

They said my own blood would work to destroy my own little girl.๐Ÿ˜ง

It was a medical condition where my blood type once exposed to her blood would lead a condition where she would become anemic.

It wasn’t good news, my relationship with God was wanting. I didn’t know if I could ask Him for a favor, when I had walked away from Him so many times, despite His warnings.

But I asked all the same. Every day I pleaded mercy for my unborn.

The day came that she came to earth, I was excited, but on looking at the medical team around me, I knew there was a problem. The baby wasn’t crying!!

The next 30 seconds went before my eyes like 30 years. And I made a desperate prayer, and I fleeced

For this child to live, it would be a miracle. Just like me singing again, would be a pure miracle. Its something I had always asked God. “Lord will I ever sing again?

Now I prayed this same prayer again, only differently

Lord give my baby life. Use it as a sign to show me that for sure I will sing again. But if she dies Lord, I will take it as a sign that its sealed in heaven that I will never sing again”

So as very slow seconds passed to minutes. I waited for the eternal verdict. A verdict for my life, and a verdict for my child.

A child cried, but I didn’t hear a cry, I heard a song. It was a song of hope, yet a song of joy. My baby brought a sound of revival, revival for her mother.

I knew what I would call her instantly, I called her Melody. Not only would I sing again, she would sing too.

The last few weeks we have not been able to make Melody smile. Even when we got her to sing, we couldn’t put a smile on her face. It seems like she had lost the one thing she loves most.

So her sister, Kaylene Bongo and I prayed for her. And then God came through in the most amazing way! Firstly with an assurance of an answer, and seconly with a smile. She woke up happy, alive and excited.

And I couldn’t help but burst inside myself with my own smile too. For my Melody must Sing again!

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