True repentance

In life we find ourselves making mistakes, Taking wrong turns, resting when we should be working! Unfortunately choices have consequences, And when the rubber meets the road, it mighy hurt bad

I never ever will forget this day as long as I live, it was a day that my brothers and I can laugh at now, but there was nothing funny about it then.

I must have been about 14, My younger brothers 12 and 9. It was the end of a long holiday and I was preparing to drop them back to school.

I know you are wondering how a 14 year old could drive, and nope, we didn’t even have Uber then, and in the village we had to walk halfway to get the Matatu that we would probably have to wait for another hour.

So dropping my siblings meant helping them carry their luggage to School by the use of our young Footsubishi!

I never seem to remember this as a bad thing, for we had a run of fun all the way up to their boarding school, Sometimes it took us 2 hours straight to get to School. What was lonely was my Journey back home, I would literally almost run all the way back!

Back to the day before School opening!

It all started as an argument, well more like a debate. The focus of this debate was our batbroom mirror. We all seemed to notice that it somewhat changed your skin color.

My thesis was that it was light brown at the back. My scientific brother and his philosophical counterpart wouldn’t believe that a mirror has any color!

Before long we had screw drivers, spanners, Hammer just all sorts of tools that could help up in this venture.

We seemed to have less wisdom that our curiosity, because instead of removing the lower screws first, we removed the upper ones! And before we knew it. The mirror came tumbling down. It broke into 4 equal parts, well not literally, but there were 4 sizeable parts.

We did notice that the mirror was orange at the back, but the level of panic at breaking a mirror that had over existed our short lifetimes was too much o’

We started trying to fix it, nothing would work.

Suddenly my brothers decided it was a bad idea to be late for school, the truth is they wanted by the time Dad was chewing me alive, they would be comfortably sitting in their school desks!

We took their bags and went up the mount kenya hills quitely, for the first time ever. No one wanted to discuss the mirror.

I didn’t want to go back home, I could have easily admitted myself back to class 8. But I was in highschool and School opened in 2 days time. There was no escaping….

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